Sam's Tech Talk Episodes- We hope you enjoy and learn something in the process!

Sam's Tech Talk- Available Devices

This is my first episode- get a better idea of what devices are on the market, what they look like and who they are best suited to.

Sam's Tech Talk - Terms & Phrases

This episode is helpful in understanding terms and phrases that are confusing or just not familiar to someone who is just getting started with their adventure into electronic devices.

Sam's Tech Talk- Web Browsers

This episode give information on the most commonly used web browsers.  We discuss Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome. Mozilla Firefox and Opera.  At the time of production, these were the most popular ones used.

Sam's Tech Talk- eMail

This episode covers the top FREE email providers and how to use them.  It includes: gmail, yahoo, hotmail and more.  There may have been a few updates since this was produced but it is still very relevant information for understanding what and how to use email providers

Sam's Tech Talk- Facebook

This episode help to understand how to set up FB, how to post to FB and how to share photos, etc on your FB timeline.

It also helps you with some of the settings that most people miss initially and have to go back and update in order to enjoy their FB experience.

Sam's Tech Talk - Cloud Storage

This episode helps to explain what cloud storage is, who provides the service and why it is beneficial to use it.

Sam's Tech Talk - Where to Get Tutoring Help

This episode won a "BEST IN SHOW" award at the Wisconsin Cable Media Awards in 2016.  I am extremely proud of how it turned out.

At the end of each of my episodes, I share with viewers that there are places in Sheboygan, WI that they can go to for FREE help with electronic device tutoring.  In this episode, I share information on the Mead Public Library and Senior Activity Center of Sheboygan, so that viewers will know where they might go to get help.

Sam's Tech Talk - Windows 10

This episode covers the issues and questions that my tutoring students had regarding Windows 10.  This will be helpful for those who are having difficulties understanding Windows 10.

Sam's Tech Talk - Virus Protection

This episode explains what virus protection is, what it does and why any device that connects to the internet needs it.

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